Monday, October 24, 2011

::just some pretty photos::

Oh, Monday, you came way too soon-- I wasn't done with Saturday yet. Last week was looong and this one is gearing up to look the same. Luckily, I spent this evening relaxing and photographing new items for the shop. Etsy's been stepping up their game and really adding some beneficial enhancements for buyers + sellers alike. Just in time for holiday shopping.

In an effort to cross off a to-do list item (#12: Update my portfolio on Cargo), I got lost in all the other amazing talent there. Mariana Garcia's photography is beautiful. Diggin' the boho and vintage feel in these photos.


  1. I agree, her photography is radness!!!!! Love. x

  2. Hey cool outfit! And the effect that you add to the photos it's just perfect. Keep up the great work


::thank you so much for your comment::