Wednesday, October 27, 2010

::what's better...::

...than a soft t-shirt and a worn-in pair of jeans? Nothing.

Join Keria, my super stylish friend and blogger at A Pretty Penny, as she plays with variations of this t-shirt and jeans look this week. Jump over to her blog to see how she mixes this combination into her daily life.

Cheers to comfort! :)


  1. Hey! I know this is kind of random, but I'm thinking of taking a day trip to Mt. Dora to do some thrift/antique shopping and I remember you mentioning something about Mt. Dora in one of your other posts. I'd love to get your "must do's/sees".

  2. First, I'm very jealous. I ALWAYS find AMAZING pieces at Renniger's (find their site here: It's the place to go. Their website is out dated, but they are having their big "Extravaganza" Nov. 19-21. The economy may draw fewer vendors, but it will still be worth it. They estimate over 1,000 outside vendors, plus their normal indoor vendors. And, they have a flea market on the same grounds. You'll need the whole day to get through it all, or half!

    I'll be making the trip up there on Saturday, Nov. 20th!


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